All images of Ethan Phillips provided by Martha Photograph.

All images of Ethan Phillips provided by Martha Photograph.


The Original iT Factor


My video works aim to explore the realms of urban and cultural influence on today’s current generation. I often use references to today’s music genres such as hip-hop, R&B, rap and soul. I also tie in references from other cultural hubs as well such as sports (mainly basketball), urban fashion, and even trends in dance, college life and other outlets of creativity. My main goal is to highlight current generation the under focused issues of today’s urban settings, as well as the makings of today’s fast-moving generation. 

My primary area of focus is cinematography; however, I am bridging into photography as well. The subject matter of all of my pieces ties mainly into the rough lower-income individuals in today’s urban African American communities, primarily dealing with male teen and early adult issues. 

With the unveiling of each piece, I look to highlight a different issue or spotlight in today’s society, whether that be issues with today’s incarceration numbers or how prisoners still face challenges back in society. I also try to focus attention to the kids in lower income families dealing with the struggles and high standards placed in today’s society. 

Now where there is failure there is also victory, and I also try to highlight those triumphs in popular avenues for today’s youth. Whether that showing how R&B music can communicate a person’s emotions to someone else or how failure in basketball can translate to life teaching experiences, or how today’s youth are challenged with mental disorders and learn to cope and overcome their setbacks. 

I want each of my works to have their own life, their own message from the trials they endured. With each message my hope is that it reaches out to one individual, one child and let them know, they are not alone.



Statement of Purpose

Curriculum Vitae